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Save 19% of your tattoo price by bringing in a VAT form!!! Starting at a tattoo price of 100 Euros. Tattoo Elite! Here you get all neccessary information about tattoos and piercings.
Our Team consists of professional tattooists and piercers which will consult you about
choosing a design, a Piercing or about Laser Removal. Free consultation.


Manu specializes in the following styles:

realistic, freehand, fine line, black and shade, color, old school, new school, portraits, bio organic, bio mechanic, comic, oriental, japanese, celtic, samoan, native american, chicano, 3D, maori, powerline, aztec, cover-ups, rock-a-billy , tribal chaotic, graffiti, minitature.




Bahnhofstr. 4 - 92249 Vilseck

Opening Hours Vilseck:

Tuesday - Saturday, 1pm - 7pm

Monday by prior appointment only.
Telefon: 09662 - 6226
Fax: 09662 - 6226

Am Sudhaus 3 - 92655 Grafenwoehr


Next to the Italian restaurant, St. Lucia.
Tel. 09641-9318914
Fax. 09641-9318915

Opening Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 2pm - 8pm

Monday by prior appointment only.


CoverUps - we cover or pimp your tattoo!
Custom Design - Individual designs for our clients

Personal advice
Freehand Tattoos

Permanent Make–Up
Reconstruction of the Mamilla
Body and Intimate-Piercing
Surface Piercing
Dermal anchor Piercing & Implants
Tattoo removal with the JAG-Laser & Ruby-Laser

The best is if you just come by to make an appointment. We are looking forward to see and help you.

We speak:

Our Email-Adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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